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So nice
to meet you!


Hello, we are the Aldridges — Patti, Mike, Isaac and Grace

The mountains were calling, so we answered. 


Our family visited Estes Park every summer for a number of years, then decided we wanted to slow life down. We moved from a busy life in Austin, Texas to spend more time together, with family and friends. I moved from a busy medical practice in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit to outpatient Pediatrics in a small town part-time. Close to burnout, I came to the conclusion that inner resiliency comes from a connection with people and feeding the soul. For so many of us (if not all), that resiliency comes from creating taps into the inner parts of us that keep us balanced. I am making my dream of having a place for families to relax, connect and build something together come true.

Mike teaches nursing at the University of Northern Colorado, and our 2 kids, Isaac and Grace attend Estes Park schools and love to be able to hang around and help at my "new work."

I would love to meet your family and give you the chance to make something together!

I believe that at our core, we all are creative. I believe that it is part of who we are meant to be.  


I want to create a space where YOU can create! Creativity is not about perfection, or about replicating what someone else has created. It is what comes out of you. My goal is to offer more projects over time for all ages. For now, Creativity Cabin is a place to paint ceramics (pre-molded bisque) with glaze for firing or acrylic paints that don't go in the kiln.  

I would love to hear your ideas! For what?? Anything! Decorating, products you want to create, times you want to be able to paint, information you want on the website...Be creative!  

And follow along! I hope to add services and activities as we grow!

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