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Paint in
the studio

It's easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Pick an item to paint from our collection of preformed, ready-to-paint pottery (ceramic) items.

2. We provide the paint/glaze and the brushes and you get creative! We provide a variety of tools to use including stencils, silk screens, sponges, writer bottles and more!

3. Leave your painted item with us and we glaze and fire it in our kiln. A minimum of 3 days is required for firing; we fire 1-2 times per week depending on demand. (Use acrylic paints and take it home with you the same day! NOTE: acrylic paint is not food safe; mugs and plates should be fired if you are using them.) 

4. Pick up your hand-painted ceramics after they're fired (varies, min three days).

Our studio is the perfect sit-down activity after a morning of hiking or on a rainy day. Make your own souvenirs as you make memories. Bring your snacks and drinks, and make it a party! BYOB welcome, too.

Are you visiting Estes Park and leaving before the ceramics are ready for pick up? No worries! We can ship your items to you.

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Not into painting ceramics or don't want to wait or ship?

We have other projects that can be finished and taken same day in addition ro painting ceramics with acrylic paint. 

  • Paint a tote bag.

  • Personalize a glass or insulated mug with permanent vinyl.

  • Personalize a glass with glass etching.

  • Paint a wood board.

  • Paint on canvas.


We have low fire clay for hand building and slab rolling projects.

Clay requires 1-2 weeks to dry and be bisque fired.

  • At that point, you can come back to paint it with glaze to fire again.

  • You can also paint your piece with acrylic paint after it is dried and bisque fired, so it is ready on your second visit. (Acrylic paint is not food safe.)

  • Or we can ship your bisque piece to you and you can paint it at home. 


Join us at one of our events

We love to partner with our local business friends to help you make memories with friends and family. 

We have events at The Barrel, Snowy Peaks Winery, Serenitea Tea Room, Estes Park Resort, Macdonald Bookshop, and more.

Creativity Cabin_johnberry-01867.jpg

Schedule your own event

Having a retreat or family reunion?

Celebrating a special event like a bachelorette weekend, wedding celebration, birthday or anniversary?

We can host your event in our studio or come to you.

We can offer a special project with instruction or allow guests to choose their own.

Paint at home

Take the party to-go! We have Paint Parties in a Pail that include glazes, brushes, sponges, a black fun writer, bowls for water, plates for palettes, and a color chart and painting tips.

Your Party Pail includes: 10 8-ounce bottles of glaze, 8 paint brushes, sponges, paint pallets, a black fun write (writer bottle), bowls for water, color charts and painting tips.


The Paint Pail use is $25 per week plus your pottery purchase or free for up to 1 week with purchase of $80.

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