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We are mobile!

* Family gatherings

* Children and adult birthday parties

* Office events: team building and holiday celebrations 

* Business offerings: the perfect setting for a local business to offer a creative class

We pack all of the supplies and pottery and bring them to you! We can lead a class or simply drop everything off and you create on your own time. 

There is a $30 travel/off-site fee for led events in a 10 mile radius.

FREE drop off to the immediate Estes Park area (you return it); $25 delivery for areas in the extended Valley


Local business opportunities

Local Estes Park businesses can get in on the fun, too! Run your own classes and workshops. It's perfect for bars, restaurants and stores (with seating). Hosting your own creative event means we work with you to plan the details (class, project, timing). You also determine the price, piece(s) and schedule. 

A class or project-based open house is a great way to thank customers, attract new business and introduce your place to new people!

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