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Pottery to go


Create at home!

We can pack just about anything in the studio for you to paint away from the studio.

Pottery-To-Go kits come with either glaze paint or acrylic paint. If you choose glaze, bring the kit back to the studio where we will clear glaze and fire it.

  • Glaze "paint" is food safe and requires kiln firing***. It is water-based and cleans up easily. 

  • Acrylic paint doesn't need to be fired, is a matte finish but can be covered with mod podge or a spray sealant to look glossy and is not food-safe.  Once it dries, it will not come off with water.  We recommend old clothes, aprons and covering your painting surface when using acrylics.  

Orders of $120 or more come with free use of our Paint Party in a Pail which is glaze paint that requires firing (based on availability). Pails include 10 bottles of glaze, brushes, a sponge, a fun writer, bowls for water, and plates for palettes. Let us make up a pail for your birthday party for kids at home or at a park.

How it works:

  • Choose a kit from our shop on line or come into the studio and pick from more options.

  • Prepackaged kits come with brushes; we have brushes for sale with ala carte choices.

  • We will text or email you when your kit is ready and make arrangements for pick-up or delivery.

  • Have fun painting at home! Check out a few of our painting tips.

  • Return your completed creations within 2 weeks along with leftover paint/paint bottles to the box outside the studio.

  • We will clear glaze and fire your pieces and email or text you when they are ready. Please expect 1-2 weeks depending on the number of orders and when kits are returned.

  • Pick up during walk-in hours or make arrangement for picking up after hours.

Post a picture of your family painting your kit at home on our Facebook page or on your Facebook page and tag us!

***Please use only the colors provided by the studio. For the integrity of our kiln, we reserve the right to refuse to fire any items that incorporate the use of other materials (ie NO glitter, sharpie, acrylic paints, etc.)***​

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